Get Prequalified with Your Lender of Choice

Talk to your lender now to gain a thorough understanding of the mortgage qualifying process. Avoid making major purchases, and keep your credit score high and tight. Need lender recommendations? Contact me I'll send you a short list of local Northern Virginia lenders.

Buyer Representation - Hire Experts

Home-buying is serious business, and buyer representation is more important than ever. Yes, buyer representation provides you protection, but more importantly it provides you the knowledge needed to make well-informed decisions.

When you hire Randy Huntley and the Home Selling Team, your home-buying experience is guided by a dual-licensed Associate Broker. In other words, Randy Huntley is licensed in both Virginia and Washington, DC. And, he has the knowledge and expertise of a Broker. He is a retired veteran who has helped buyers like you transition into Northern Virginia for over 30 years.


The Process and and The Market

The process begins with a thorough review of your goals:

*Are you prequalified?       
*Does the approved loan amount work within your household budget?
*Should you realistically modify your price before looking at homes?

Once your home-buying needs are priorities and the market analysed, an effective home-buying strategy is implemented. 



Think about a realistic price range, and remember the amount you qualify to borrow is not always the best for your household budget.

Think about your commute. Do you need to live along the DC Metro Line? If so, do you need access to the Red Line, Green Line, Silver Line, or all of them?

Think about condition and layout of your next home, its location, and the community amenities.

Given low inventory, prioritizing your priorities is a successful home-buying strategy. In any market, and working within any budget, Randy Huntley has the expertise to guide you from seeing Northern Virginia homes to owning one.